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PharmBioTec GmbH was founded in 2010 by the three professors Lehr, Hartmann & Müller as a spin-off of Saarland University. At the beginning of 2019, PharmBioTec was transferred to private ownership as a non-profit company to better ensure the transfer of knowledge from current research to industrial application and to act independently.

Until the spin-off of PSM, the GMP-compliant production and analysis of natural products was an important task of PharmBioTec. After the spin-off, this task moved to PSM and PharmBioTec focused on its core challenges: non-profit research and the development of drug formulations. The change of management from Bianca Bohrer to Marius Hittinger in 2023 simultaneously underlines the separation of tasks between CDMO activities of PSM and R&D activities of PBT. The naming of the non-profit “g “GmbH emphasizes the orientation already in the company name since 2023.

The new company philosophy is based on cooperation with renowned research institutions and industrial partners. PharmBioTec sees two main opportunities here:

(1) The development of new drugs with as little animal testing as possible using modern in vitro assays.

(2) The development of new assays to reduce animal testing in the pharmaceutical environment.

We try to publish our methods whenever possible or make them available to others via platforms such as the 3R- Plattform-Saar (

We incorporate new findings directly into teaching and support the Kaiserslautern University of Applied Sciences and the Saarland University through lectures or block courses.

For young scientists, we provide projects for internships and bachelor’s or master’s theses, depending on the situation.

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