Welcome to PharmBioTec Research & Development GmbH –
a Contract research specialized, non-profit company.

PharmBioTec Research & Development GmbH is a non-profit company specialized in contract research. High quality services are offered in the fields of pharmaceutical analytics, synthesis, research and development.

A major goal of PharmBioTec Research & Development GmbHis to replace animal experiments in the preclinical development phase of drugs. For this purpose, various models of biological barriers are offered that provide predictions on the efficacy and safety of new developments. The creation of new models to pursue this goal is constantly progressing. Examples include the model of the intestine (healthy/inflammatory), the skin or the lung in combination with novel deposition systems such as the VITROCELL® Powder Chamber.

Classical pharmaceutical formulations and novel nanocarrier systems are developed within the scope of contract research and enable targeted drug release. In addition, they are biodegradable.

The following methods are used successfully in the analysis and quality control of active ingredients, excipients and finished drugs: HPLC-UV, HPLC-DAD, HPLC-MS, HPLC-hrMS, HPLC-MS/MS, UV, IR, CE-SDS, CE-UV, CE-DAD, CE-MS, ultra-high resolution mass spectrometry, determination of moisture by Karl-Fischer (volumetric, coulometric, furnace technology). In addition, we perform rheological characterizations as part of the formulation development of semi-solid and solid formulations (oscillating and rotating).
In addition, we develop and synthesize substance libraries for hit-to-lead and lead optimization. Our array approach is based on automated parallel synthesis and combinatorial chemistry as well as many years of knowledge in medical and pharmaceutical chemistry. We have a number of synthesis robots that can individually perform up to 50 reactions including automatic processing and purification. The substance libraries and acquired compounds can be examined for their physicochemical properties as well as for their binding to different proteins, e.g. your target. In the field of protein binding we have many years of experience with SPR spectroscopy.
Another important field of analytics is the detection and quantification of small molecules in different biological matrices. With our HPLC-MS/MS and HPLC-hrMS methods we are able to detect and quantify the smallest amounts of substances, even in the fg range, as required in stability studies and PK studies.

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Our research and services

Research Projects

As a non-profit company, PharmBioTec Research & Development GmbH is active in the field of basic research. Here we examine research topics in the areas of drug delivery and drug discovery in cooperation with academia, medium-sized companies and large-scale industry.

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Pharma Services

PharmBioTec Research & Development GmbH offers a range of high-quality services at various stages of the development process of new active ingredients and formulations. From the synthesis of active ingredients and excipients, through testing for efficacy and safety and development of the formulation to final quality control, PharmBioTec is a GMP-certified company and your partner for all your questions.

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The PharmBioTec at the Pharmacampus in Schiffweiler in Saarland

PharmBioTec Research & Development GmbH has been located at the Pharmacampus in Schiffweiler since March 2023. The new laboratories were set up here and the move from the Sciencepark took place in March.

In the new environment, high-performance equipment is available and there is plenty of space to conduct accurate research. The team around the competences is growing, and we are looking forward to reach new goals together.