Products of PharmBioTec Research & Development GmbH

We manufacture our products under GMP (§14 AMG) conditions.



The inspection of the products is carried out in the quality control department of PharmBioTec Research & Development GmbH, where regular quality inspections of pharmaceutical raw materials and finished pharmaceuticals are carried out at the highest level.


Each batch of our synthesized products is manufactured according to established and validated manufacturing instructions, analytical methods and drug regulatory requirements and is checked for purity and content. Only the most up-to-date, regularly maintained and qualified, state-of-the-art equipment is used to manufacture and test the products, in order to ensure the reliability of the data collected. The highly qualified employees are continuously trained by internal and external courses and further training. Regular GMP inspections certify that PharmBioTec Research & Development GmbH complies with the GMP guidelines.


Regular quality control ensures that only substances that meet the highest quality standards are released. This means that our products are suitable as active ingredients for all conceivable places of application; from topical, to oral and parenteral - our synthesis products are available for a wide range of therapeutic options.



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