PharmBioTec Research & Development GmbH has permission to work in the following areas:

- Handling narcotics
- Handling genetically modified organisms (safety level 2)
- Testing of drugs according to §14 section 4 no. 3 AMG


Certificates of PharmBioTec GmbH

Certificate GMP §14 AMG


Since 2015 we are certified according to §14 AMG GMP and offer high-quality analytical services and quality control of active ingredients, excipients and finished drugs. Our QA system includes, for example, a control system for the detection, recording and management of deviations, work instructions for all process-relevant activities and regular employee training.

Crédit Impôt Research - CIR:

French research funding programme


 Crédit Impôt Recherche - CIR: French Research Promotion Programme
Customers from France can benefit from „Crédit Impôt Recherche - CIR“,
a funding programme for research. CIR is a state programme for the promotion of research and development activities in companies by means of an input tax deduction. The decision letter of PharmBioTec GmbH can be found here.